As still many states in the US are under strict lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic; the need to stock your pantry with different and essential ingredients. If you are a fan of Italian food then you have to keep some important ingredients in the pantry.

Distinction Between Pantry and Kitchen

Many people confuse between pantry and kitchen. They think that both are the same but there is a lot of difference. The main difference is that the kitchen is where you cook the food and the pantry is a small cupboard or closet in which different ingredients from the Italian Food Shop is kept.

Items For Pantry From Italian Food Shop

Why people prefer to eat Italian food as there are other foreign cuisines available? The most important reason is that it uses minimum ingredients, is simple to make, and at the same is full of nutrition. The various ingredients and foods that you can keep in-stock are mentioned below.

Various Kinds Of Olive Oils

Olive oil is the one and only oil that Italians prefer to use. There are various kinds of olive oils according to their grades. The finest one is extra virgin olive oil, then virgin olive oil, refined one, pure and pomace comes last.

Variations Of Italian Spices

Although there are numerous spices that are used in Italian cuisine; but there are only a few that are a common part of every dish. These are used in different baked and cooked dishes that give a burst of flavor and taste.

Different Varieties Of Pasta And Spaghetti

There are two kinds of pasta and spaghetti available on different food stores including Sogno Toscano. One is dried form and the other cooked cuisine. Also, the freshly-prepared product is also delivered to your doorsteps so that you can enjoy the meal.

Good Quality Of Tomatoes

The canned version of tomatoes is the best if you want to stock it for a longer period of time. But the fresh ones can also do the trick if you know how to store them. They can be cooked in delicious dishes or served as a garnish.

Cheese From Different Regions

Another Italian pantry essentials are the cheese because Italians use it from different regions in almost all of the cuisines. Most importantly cheese is used in pasta dishes, pizza, and other baked items. The most famous of all is the Burrata.

Polenta, Rice And Flours

Flours are the basic and vital ingredient in all baked products like pizza and sweet or sour baked cuisine. Polenta is made from cornmeal but other grains were used to make it. The most popular of all rice is risotto.

Balsamic Vinegar And Other Dressings

Although other kinds of vinegar can be used the balsamic vinegar gives an immediate blast of flavor. It can be used in cooking as well as drizzled on a variety of salads and pasta. The same can be said to be dressing as well.

Dried And Fresh Herbs

The herbs that can be ordered from the Italian Food Shop are oregano, parsley, basil, bay leaves, sage, thyme, and rosemary are the most essential part of the Italian dishes.